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We're Going to Miss You, Jodie!

At the end of last week we got some very bittersweet news.  Jodie, one of our senior booksellers, has been offered his dream job working for a game developer, and was asked to start immediately.  While we're going to miss him tremendously, and are sad not to be able to throw him a going-away party Bilbo Baggins would be jealous of, we know this was an opportunity he couldn't pass up!

The Biggest Book Fair Ever!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020

One of the things we're missing out on this spring is the chance to host on-site book fairs with our local schools.  Not only is it a ton of fun for young readers (and our booksellers!), it's an important way for schools to support their library and classroom book collections.  So we've decided to hold the biggest, most Brilliant Book Fair EVER!  It's not just in support of one school, classroom, or library.  We're supporting ALL our local schools!

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Independent Bookstore Day Goes Virtual!

Monday, April 21st, 2020

Saturday, April 25th, was scheduled to be Independent Bookstore Day.  We had big plans for all kinds of in-store events, but obviously, we've had to get a bit creative.  Some of those special events will move to the new Independent Bookstore Day in August (mark your calendars for August 29th!).  But since we could all use a bit of a pick-me-up these days, we're moving some of those special events online so we can share them all with you!  Check back each day this week for something new and fun, plus plenty of awesome offerings happening all week long, or sign up for our emails to get the latest updates!

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Find Waldo at Brilliant Books!

Wednesday, April 8th, 2020

oday, we got the news that Find Waldo Local, the real, live, nation-wide Where's Waldo search we help host each June, has been postponed until next year.  While we wait, the publishers are putting together a digital version for Waldo Watchers worldwide, but meanwhile, we thought you might like to try to spot Waldo right here at Brilliant Books!

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Where have all the puzzles gone?

Our puzzle shelves have never been this bare in the history of our store!  What's going on?  Well, clearly, there's an increased demand, now that everyone is at home and looking for activities that don't involve screens.  We've also run into a few issues with our primary puzzle providers (say that five times fast!), one of which is located in Canada and is no longer shipping, and the other, on the East Coast, which has closed its factories for the safety of employees.  We're glad they're taking this seriously, so we've turned elsewhere to restock our shelves for now.


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