Celebrate Audiobook Month!

June is Audiobook Month! 

Did you know that listening to downloadable audiobooks is the fastest-growing way to experience a book?  That's why we've made it easy to get started with Brilliant Books Audio!  Whether it's for the hands-free convenience, the amazing portability, or the sheer variety of books available, there are plenty of reasons to try listening to a book.  Here are a few more you may not have considered.


1.  The talented narrators

Some narrators have a real knack for bringing a story to life.  If you know who your favorites are, check to see if they've recorded books you haven't heard before.  It's a great way to branch out and find new books and authors you love.  New to audiobooks?  Check to see if your favorite authors have recorded any of their own work, or look for works performed by your favorite actors!

audiobook cover

Narrated by the author


Audiobook cover

Narrated by a full cast


audiobook cover

Narrated by Billie Fulford-Brown,

Winner of the 2024 Audie Award for Best Fiction Narrator

audiobook cover

The 2024 Audie Award Audiobook of the Year!


audiobook cover

Narrated by Dion Graham

Winner of the 2024 Audie Award for Best Nonfiction Narrator

audiobook cover

Narrated by the author,

Winner of the 2024 Audie Award for Best Autobiography/Memoir Narration


2.  Experience an old standby in a new way

Everyone has a book they'd love to read again for the first time.  Since the experience of listening to an audiobook is so different from meeting those same characters on the page, why not try one of those old favorites as an audiobook instead?


audiobook cover audiobook cover audiobook cover
audiobook cover audiobook cover audiobook cover


3.  Listen on a road trip or a commute

Audiobooks have the unique power of bringing people together or creating a separate space when you need it.  On family road trips, play an audiobook for the whole family to listen to, and you'll have plenty to talk about when you reach your destination.  Stuck on a plane, train, or bus?  Escape the crowds with nothing but a pair of headphones and a good book.  Try these bookseller recommended reads from our Staff Favorites List!

Audiobook cover Audiobook cover Audiobook cover
Audiobook cover Audiobook cover Audiobook cover


4.  Get a subscription and keep listening

Why let the fun of audiobooks end with June?  With a subscription to Brilliant Books Monthly Audio, our expert booksellers will hand-pick a new book every month, chosen just for you based on your personal preferences.  Taking into account everything from the narrators you like and dislike to the books you've read and loved, it's the only customizable, curated audio subscription available!  Ready to keep listening all year long?

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