Congratulations, Jodie!


Our Brilliant booksellers are what really set us apart as a bookstore, so we like to take the opportunity to celebrate their accomplishments whenever we can.  This has been an especially big week for Jodie, one of our long-standing booksellers.  Not only is he now a published writer, but he's also the recipient of a Christmas Bonus from James Patterson!


Jodie has been an invaluable resource to Brilliant Books since he first started with us back when we were still located in Suttons Bay.  He pioneered our role playing games section, curates all of our science fiction and fantasy, and has single-handedly created our "Nerd Bunker," a section devoted to comics, graphic novels, and classic "nerd" favorites like Star Wars. 

Jodie also hand-picks books for Brilliant Books' Monthly Book Club subscribers who love speculative fiction.  He does such a great job with it that some readers even make pilgrimages to our store just to meet him! 

With such a dedication to books and stories, it's no wonder that he was chosen to be recognized by the James Patterson Bookseller Bonus program, which bestows bonus checks upon deserving booksellers during the holidays.  This is the second year running that a Brilliant bookseller has been a recipient!

As if that weren't enough, however, Jodie also made his authorial debut this week with the Vampire Sourcebook for Dark Places & Demogorgons.  In this role playing world, developed by Bloat Games, players become teenagers in an 80's style supernatural adventure.  Think The Goonies and E.T., but with much more to explore! 

We're hoping to have both the core rule book and the supplemental materials for Dark Places & Demogorgons available here at Brilliant Books in the future, but the initial print run was so popular that physical copies have sold out!  You can still purchase authorized PDF copies of the core rules and supplements direct from Bloat Games, so if you're looking for something to enjoy with friends and family over the holidays, be sure to check it out, and if you're in Downtown Traverse City, stop by to congratulate Jodie on his first publication!