Congratulations, Rachel!

Rachel smilingAfter a year off, the James Patterson Holiday Bonus is back.  With this annual tradition, author James Patterson has supported indie booksellers across the country since 2015.  And this year, one of those Holiday Bonuses went to our very own Rachel Sang!

Rachel is our Store Manager and the director of our children's department—and if you've stopped by the store (or dabbled in the world of Brilliant Books Monthly), you most likely know her already.  She's a certified expert on kids literature—seriously, she can find the right book for any kid—plus, she's got some major organizational skills, which help keep the store looking great!  Rachel picks Brilliant Books Monthly titles for many of our young subscribers, and recently she's been working on a lot of curated lists for Members, in addition to recommending books, keeping the shelves stocked, and so much more.

In addition to all the above (whew! how does she do it all?), Rachel is also our primary window dresser.  The displays she crafts in our front window are consistently adorable and impressive.  Stop by the store to see her latest handiwork, a beautiful wintery scene!

We have been lucky to have Rachel on the Brilliant Books team for about five years now.  And while we're not surprised that she was chosen to receive one of this year's holiday bonuses, we are still very proud.  Congrats, Rachel!