Curated Book Lists, Just for You!

When you walk into Brilliant Books, you're met by expert booksellers who can always help you find just what you're looking for, even if you're not sure what it is yet.  Now, Brilliant Books Members can do the same thing from the comfort of home by requesting a curated book list. 

You can request a list for yourself, or of recommendations for any occasion, whether your father's birthday is coming up, or you want a selection of beach reads to take on vacation, or you're not sure what to get your middle-grader who's devoured all the Harry Potter books.  Just let us know what kinds of books you're looking for and one of our expert booksellers will put together a webpage of recommended books that meet your needs. 

When your curated list is ready, usually within 1-3 days, we'll send you the link.  Shop right from the list, or tweak your specifications and let us know you're looking for something else, just like you would if you were speaking with our booksellers in-store.  We're happy to update your page to show you more options.

Ready for your recommendations?  Please make sure you have an active Brilliant Books Membership, then fill out the form below, or contact us via email or phone at (231) 946-2665.

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