Men's Night 2018

Men's Shopping Night at Brilliant Books Guys, we know Christmas shopping for the women in your life isn't always easy.  You want to find her something perfect.  You know she loves to read, but her taste in books is...complicated.  Don't worry.  We've got you covered. 

Just follow our fool-proof plan for a perfect Men's Night:

Step 1. Find out her favorite books or authors.  If you don't want to give the game away, try these questions: "Hey, who wrote that book you were reading a while back--the one you really liked?" or "Didn't that author you like put out a new book recently?  I can't remember the name, but I thought I heard something about it."

Step 2. Come to Brilliant Books for Men's Night on Thursday, December 14th, from 5 - 9.  For every $50 you spend with us, we'll buy you a drink at Brew, and we'll even give you $5 to get you started!

Step 3. Tell our booksellers what you learned in Step 1.

Step 4. If you're still just not sure what she'd like, we've got a gift she's actually guaranteed to love.  A subscription to Brilliant Books' Monthly Book Club is a year-long reminder of how much you love her.  Every month, we'll send a book we've personally selected based on her unique preferences.  You'll get all the kudos, and we'll do all the work.

Step 5. Savor the moment.  Your Christmas shopping is done!  All you have left to do is stop in at Brew to enjoy your drinks on us!

There.  Doesn't that sound like more fun than your average shopping trip?  We'll see you on Thursday!

Event date: 
Thursday, December 13, 2018 - 5:00pm
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