Retirement Community Resources

At Brilliant Books, we take pride in our ability to act as a resource for northern Michigan schools, libraries, and non-profit organizations.  Now, we’re expanding our operations to include book services for retirement & assisted living communities.


If your facility has a shared library for residents (or is interested in creating one), we’d love to help you expand your collection, at no cost to you!

We know that it can be difficult to maintain a library that is both interesting and accessible to older readers.  Especially if you rely on donations, it’s easy to get stuck with the books that no one else wants—and prioritizing Large Print can feel like it just limits you more.

But with a Book Drive through Brilliant Books, you can fill your library with bestsellers, classics, and more—including Large Print editions, so that your residents can enjoy them fully.  And the best part?  It's free for you!


Young woman and elderly woman on bench How does a Book Drive work?

All you need to do is create a wish list of the books you’d like to receive, and we’ll take care of the rest.  We can work with you to create a list that meets your facility’s needs—or simply provide a full list of bookseller-recommended titles.  For large print titles, we maintain a curated catalog that can help you and your residents get started!

Brilliant Books highly recommends that you consult your residents when constructing your book drive wish list.  Ask them what authors & genres they’d like to see represented: that way, you know that your new books will be enjoyed!  If you’d like help creating a survey for your residents, we’re happy to assist with that step.

Once we have a completed wish list, we’ll share the list with our patrons and invite them to purchase books for your organization.  We’ll promote the drive instore and online, and we’ll even fund 20% of every book purchased!  Then, we'll collect all the donated books in-store, and then ship them direct to your location—or you can pick them up at the Brilliant Books storefront.


Other reading resources:

Don’t have a shared library, but want to encourage reading?  We have a few more options you might be interested in


Young woman and elderly woman on benchBrilliant Books Monthly:

Our subscription service is a great option for individual residents.  With Brilliant Books Monthly, each subscriber receives one book every month, tailored to their individual reading preferences (and chosen by one of our professional booksellers).  As we mentioned earlier, we have a Large Print option, and Audiobook option, and more.

If you want to offer Brilliant Books Monthly to your residents, we’ll be happy to provide you with promotional materials.  Learn more about Brilliant Books Monthly here


books on tableBook Fairs:

For those interested in making a wide range of high-interest books accessible and available to their residents, we can also arrange onsite book fairs. How it works: ahead of time, we'll send you a worksheet to gauge interests in various titles, authors, subjects, and other factors (for example, how many of your residents prefer large print editions?) so that we can tailor our book fair to you. Then, we'll assemble a curated collection of books and set up shop in one of your common spaces for a morning, afternoon, or even a full day. There, you and your residents are free to browse and purchase any books of your choice. We'll handle setup and breakdown, making this a quick and easy way to bring a bookstore to you!

In addition to providing books directly to your residents, the book fair can also earn your organization a Brilliant Books credit (25% of total sales) to help you build a community library for residents and guests! If your facility is run by a non-profit, you may opt instead for a direct donation (10% of sales).

To learn more, please email us at


open book with coffeeBook Clubs:

Does your residents enjoy book clubs—or are you interested in setting one up?  When you register a book club with Brilliant Books, book club members save 20% on all group books, or we can ship the whole order together with free shipping!

We're also happy to provide assistance with the book selection process, and help you find the perfect book for any group.

To learn more about book club support or register a group, please email us at


Brilliant Books StorefrontWhy Brilliant Books?

Located in downtown Traverse City, we’re a small, independent bookstore who cares about our local community.  We’ve conducted many book drives (and other bookish events) for local schools and organizations.  Thanks to our engaged, generous patrons, we have brought thousands of dollars of books to communities and individuals in need.

In addition, we’ve always been committed to making literature accessible to older readers.  We’re the only bookstore to offer a Large Print book subscription service, curated by expert booksellers to each readers’ individual tastes (learn more below)!  Brilliant Books believe the best of literature should be available to everyone—let us help you to bring it to your residents.