The Grandparents' Dilemma


You want to make sure you're treating all your grandchildren equally while still celebrating what makes each of them unique, but it's tough!  They all have different tastes, and those tastes change as they age.  Something one set of grandchildren might love, another set can't stand.

That's why we redesigned Brilliant Books Monthly with the 'Grandparents Dilemma' in mind.  Your gift is the same value for every child and, because we ask each grandchild for their preferences and dislikes every year, Brilliant Books Monthly for kids is tailored by design to always meet their individual tastes, year after year.



Each Brilliant Books Monthly gift subscription arrives in a brand new welcome box complete with a notebook and pencil to log reading as well as some cool collectable swag:  vinyl stickers, unique buttons and sticker sheets, along with our exclusive preferences card that allows your grandchildren and their parents to tailor the books they receive to their personal tastes and reading needs.

This is without a doubt the ideal gift for grandchildren of all ages.  It covers year round gift giving and you can start whenever you like.

A Brilliant Books Monthly subscription checks all the boxes:

Same value for kids of all ages (even when they reach adulthood)
Customized and personalized for each individual child
Guaranteed to delight - if we ever send a book that doesn't delight we will replace it with one that does at no cost to you.
No guesswork - We select books on each child's stated preferences, guaranteed
Always age appropriate - our expect booksellers give each selection personal attention.
Adapts to their changing interests - we send new preferences card every year to ensure we keep up with changing tastes
A year's worth of gifts all in one - Receiving a book every month means you have every event covered.
Better than the gift their other grandparents are planning

There's a Brilliant Books Monthly for every kid.

Get started today!


The contents of both boxes are identical; only the outer box is different

The contents of both boxes are identical; only the outer box is different