The Great Escape

Sometimes, it would be nice to just get away.  Whether it's a crowded bus, a long wait at the doctor's office, a delayed flight, or just a cold, grey day, we all know exactly what it's like to wish you could somewhere—anywhere!—else.

Thankfully, a good book, or audiobook, can be just the ticket you need to transport yourself to long ago times, imaginary worlds, or just into someone else's shoes for a little while.  Here are some of our booksellers' recommendations for making that great escape.



Jodie recommends: "Anything in the Fantasy genre.  It allows me to imagine new worlds, meet new people, and explore the unknown.  Sometimes it gives me insight into the real world and solutions to my own problems.  Recently, I've read Binti, which is one of the best Sci Fi novels I have read in years!  Truly!  Then there's Black Leopard, Red Wolf, which is a brutally dark fantasy interwoven with African mythology and folk lore.  Not for the weak of heart, but beautifully rendered.  And if you've been waiting for the next book in A Song of Ice and Fire from George R. R. Martin, well, Fire & Blood just might tide you over.  The history of House Targaryen comes alive in this illustrated tome.  Experience Westeros like never before!"



"My favorite escape books take me away to places I've not been, but want to see.  For example, Tangerine is a thriller set in Morocco in the 50s.  It brings school friends Lucy and Alice back together, but is it chance or something more sinister?  And if you can't make it to Italy on spring break, reading Under the Tuscan Sun might be the next best thing.  Frances Mayes treats the reader to the food, wine, and splendid scenery of Tuscany through the pages of this fun read."  —Sandi



"I love to listen to audiobooks while I'm doing housework.  Somehow it just makes everything else dissolve away.  I always know I'm listening to a good one when I find myself talking aloud to the characters.  Lately, I've been listening to a whole range of different things: a bit of YA, some mystery, a little science fiction—whatever strikes my fancy."  —Caitlin



"For me to escape into a book, it has to be totally immersive, whether it's through world-building or just darn good storytelling.  Something so engaging that when I stop reading, it feels like I'm snapping back to reality against my will."  —Anthony