The Heart's Swift Foot - Red Tail Ring

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Red Tail Ring
The Heart's Swift Foot
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Red Tail Ring is the musical brainchild of two old-time-minded Michiganders – Michael Beauchamp and Laurel Premo. The collaboration blends the loving attention of revivalist fervor with the playful creativity of starting from scratch. Whether rendering a traditional tune or one of their many original compositions, the duo infuses each song with musical imagination, haunting harmonies and instrumental artistry on fiddle, banjo, mandolin, jawharp, and plain-old foot stomping. "We love pushing the boundaries of what a traditional song can be," says Beauchamp. "It informs how we write our original songs. There's a real energy exchange between the old and the new." 

This two-way connection takes center stage with Red Tail Ring’s first pair of recordings released in April 2011 on Earthwork Music, Middlewest Chant and Mountain Shout. The set forms a complete picture of Red Tail Ring’s blending of old with new. Middlewest Chant is comprised of all original songs, while Mountain Shout features Red Tail Ring’s interpretations of Appalachian ballads and melodies. “We tried to weave the music on these two albums together not only with similar musical treatment, but with running lyric lines and shared songforms,” Premo says. 

Track List: 
1. Ohio Turnpike
2. Katy Came Breezing
3. Dirt Triangle
4. The Heart's Swift Foot
5. J in the Broom Straw
6. Queen of the West, and other stories
7. A Clearing in the Wild
8. Suffer Every Sound
9. Body Like a Bell
10. St. James Hospital
11. Ladies' Choice Waltz
12. My Heart's Own Love