I See You

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The xx
I See You
Release Date: 
January 13, 2017
Young Turks

Featured NPR Discover Music Album, March 2017

"2012’s Coexist had its moments, but it was audibly the sound of a band who had emerged with a sound, mood and image fully formed, now trying to work out how to move on and develop, and settling for doing more of the same, only quieter. But somewhere in the five years between Coexist and its successor, they appear to have cracked the problem. Perhaps they worked out that if your singers have voices as distinctive as Romy Madley-Croft and Oliver Sim – for two people with a remarkably understated and unshowy vocal style by modern standards, they’re immediately recognisable – it allows you to shift and change your sound without losing your identity. But from the opening moment of its opening track, Dangerous – a blast of dancehallesque synthesised horns over a beat that marries the steady bass thud of house to the skipping snares of two-step garage – I See You pulls off the feat of managing to sound both exactly like the xx and unlike anything they have done before."--Alexis Petridis, The Guardian

Track List: 
Say Something Loving
A Violent Noise
Brave For You
On Hold
I Dare You
Test Me