Iconic Reads: Frequently Asked Questions

How is an Iconic Reads subscription different from a regular Brilliant Books Monthly subscription?
Brilliant Books Monthly subscriptions include a monthly hand-picked title individually selected based on your personal preferences.  Books are chosen from all the available titles in print.  As an Iconic Reads subscriber, you will receive a monthly selection from a curated list of titles our booksellers have prepared to help you join a larger literary conversation.  You have access to the entire list, and help steer the course of your subscription from the start.

So are my books still hand-picked?
Absolutely!  Our curated lists are carefully built by our expert booksellers, and each title on the list must be recommended and approved by the full team before it makes the final cut.

How do I get started?
Each subscription begins with a gift box, which includes bookish goodies and our preferences sheet.  This sheet lists the full range of titles on offer with this edition of Iconic Reads.  It provides space for subscribers to note those that do not interest them, those they have already read, and any that seem particularly intriguing.  We want this personalized service to be just right for every reader.  Once activated, subscribers will receive a new paperback title each month for 12 months. 

When do I start getting books?
Subscriptions begin the month after the purchase window closes.  You will need to make sure that your preferences sheet has been returned to us, postmarked by the date it lists, to ensure your deliveries arrive on time.

Do Iconic Reads subscribers still get the 20% discount offered to Brilliant Books Monthly subscribers?
Yes you do!  Just as with our classic Brilliant Books Monthly subscription, every Iconic Reads subscriber is entitled to 20% off every other book purchased at Brilliant Books during the duration of your subscription.

Do Iconic Reads subscribers receive a welcome box like Brilliant Books Monthly subscribers?
Yes!  Each new subscription begins with a box full of bookish goodies, some helpful information, and the curated list appropriate for your subscription.  You'll begin receiving books as soon as you fill out and return your preference information.

Are Iconic Reads selections returnable?
Unlike our classic Brilliant Books Monthly subscription, you have access to the entire list of titles we might potentially send right from the start of your subscription.  Because of this, we do not accept returns or provide exchanges for Iconic Reads selections.

Are my books paperback or hardcover?
Due to their release dates, our Iconic Reads titles are all paperback.

I’ve already read a book on the list, but wouldn’t mind receiving another copy.  What should I do?
If you particularly want a book, leave us a note in the comments section!

Can I pick all my books?
If you really want to, but it does take the sense of adventure out of it.  Don’t you want to be surprised and challenged in your reading?

Why isn’t_________on the list?
We don’t intend these lists to be exhaustive.  It’s more of a tasting menu.  But if you feel very strongly that something should be on our list, tell us about it.  Feedback is crucial!

Are you planning to do a list about ___________?
Maybe!  We're always interested to hear what kinds of subscriptions you want to receive, so if you've got an idea for an Iconic Reads subscription, send us an email at life@Brilliant-Books.net.

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