Introducing Our Temporary Staff Members

With all but three staff members now working from home, it seems we've added a few unexpected additions to our staff.  Meet our favorite furry coworkers:



Thorin Oakenshield is busy helping Rachel with Brilliant Books Monthly selections.  Thorin prefers fantasy and books with complex dog/cat relationships.  May need to learn some boundaries for a shared workspace, and he’s a terrible typist, but doing his best.  

Kendall's coworkers Remy, Molly, and Oliver got busted after they didn't come back from their lunch break.  Claimed they had scheduled a conference nap.  Apparently, it's a daily meeting and can't be rescheduled.

This is Jimmy.
Full name Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink*
Like his namesake, Jimmy is small but powerful.  He helps Peter at home by emptying his trash can and sorting through the contents.


*Chelsea FC 2000 - 2004 


Martial Lee Flinkman is Anthony's new coworker.   Martial enjoys nonfiction, mostly cookbooks and gardening books. He keeps to himself but will definitely try to eat any unattended lunches, and he doesn't like it when Anthony's on the phone.  Tracks mud all over the office and won't stop drooling.  We might have to speak with HR.



This is Reeses.  She's supposed to be helping Jodie, but really she's a momma's girl who prefers to nap, antagonize the cats, and read true crime stories involving cold cases.



Throstle has taken on a managerial role for his new work cohort.  His primary duty is managing to find anything and everything to get into while Caitlin is trying to work.



Our coworkers may be charming, but we're definitely missing our visiting #DogsofBrilliantBooks! 

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