"It was exactly perfect for me"

We think that our flagship subscription service, Brilliant Books Monthly, is pretty amazing.  Of course, you'd expect that—we invented it, after all!  So whenever we get the chance, we like to share real subscribers' experiences with the service.  There's no one better to describe what makes Brilliant Books Monthly unique than the subscribers who receive hand-picked books each month.  Take Kate's story, for example!


"On a last minute vacation in a balcony room overlooking the East Arm Bay, I got the itch to read something new and engaging. As I usually find customary on every vacation, I planned to search for the local independent book store.  This time, actually, Brilliant Books found me.  I happened past it while wandering the streets after dinner and was drawn in by the welcoming feel.  I walked inside.  Dave Brubeck was playing and I enjoyed listening as I floated through the store searching for a nice balcony at sunset read.  When I went to pay for yet another Capote novel, I noticed a pamphlet on the service and promptly asked what was meant by the service.  After an engaging conversation with the clerk, the service sounded interesting enough to take the brochure with me, but I did nothing with it until months later when I decided to spoil myself and purchased the six months paperback service for myself for my birthday.

"I had so much fun filling out the card with my preferences – which actually was more thought than I had ever given my book preferences before, despite considering myself a bibliophile.  I liked that there was the option for attaching extra pages of information should the card space not be sufficient.  In wanting to be succinct and allowing BB the space to find something for me I would not have chosen for myself, I kept my comments to the card only.  Ok… card filled out and mailed… check.  Now all I had to do was wait for my first arrival – eager and slightly impatient.  It came in April, announced by an email informing me that my book was shipped.  I must have checked the tracking number one hundred times waiting for an update.  My boyfriend brought the package up to our condo; knowing that I was anxious to receive it, he wanted to be the one to present it to me.  I tore it open.

"That first book was brilliant (all references intended).  It was exactly perfect for me.  I promptly sat down and started reading it, neglecting the other two tomes I was already into.

"This scenario repeated itself every month thereafter:  My excitement induced by the email announcing the next selections departure from the store.  Eager impatience filling me while waiting for the post office to deliver it, and to begin reading as soon as it was delivered.  Only once, my second book, was the selection not perfect – which Brilliant Books corrected immediately.  I knew exactly why it was picked for me, but I guess we are all complicated and have specific topics which may be off-putting.   With an explanation of the portion of the book which was not to my liking (and a little boost to keep selecting fiction despite my feedback), they promptly sent a new selection which was up to the previous standards and adjusted further selections accordingly.

"It must be difficult – trying to select the perfect book for so many different people with different loves, hates, hobbies, and complex differing views of the world.  I have looked at selections recommended for me through digital platforms, without much success.  Yet, Brilliant Books has provided me with six wonderful books I may not have chosen for myself but have thoroughly enjoyed reading, opening my horizons to new subgenres and interesting novels.  On that note, I just received my email notifying me of my next shipment.  Let the eager wait begin…"


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