It's Reading Month!


In honor of perennial favorite, Dr Suess' Birthday, March is National Reading Month! Kids everywhere are celebrating a love of books as they tally their minutes, participating in read-a-thons and other fun activities through schools and their communities. Here are some fun ways you can dive in and join the fun!

1. Obviously, head to the bookstore!

Find a new exciting book or spend sometime at the train table. We'd love to talk about what you are reading this month and help you find something new.

For young readers here in Traverse City this month, stop in and tell us what you are reading and enter our drawing to win a $10, $15, or $25 gift certificate!!

2. Try out a new cookbook and cook something new!


3. Read to a furry friend

Every month, on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday, the Traverse Area Public Library hosts an event where kids are welcome to come and read their favorite stories to Chaz, a certified therapy dog! 

Get the Details

4. Specialize!

Something you've been curious about? Pick a theme and become an expert. Personally I've been thinking about identifying the rocks in my collection!


5. Listen to an audiobook

 Take some time to browse around on your own or we can help you pick!

Plus, every audiobook purchased through our link directly supports us!

Get Listening!

6. Play a role playing game!

Pick up the Essentials Kit if you are just starting out or try a new campaign. Fans of epic fantasy will love diving into the world of roleplaying.



7. Read a graphic novel.

We have  a few new ones this month that I'm excited about!


8. How about a classic?


9. Share one of your favorite books with a friend.

10. Celebrate Dr Suess! Write a poem, and make some green eggs and ham.