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Weird books

Have you ever finished a book and immediately thought to yourself "what did I just read?!"  Well we certainly have!

These are just a few of the books that have baffled, bewildered, and befuddled our team.  If you're looking for a book to get you thinking—and keep you thinking—then check out the fifteen books below!


Book coverBorne

by Jeff Vandermeer

"What is Borne?  Both the novel and the book's namesake defy definition in this bizarre and beautifully written dystopian fantasy.  Giant flying bears, a couple of humans, Rachel and Wick, and a whole bunch of strange biotech creatures are struggling to coexist in a decimated landscape, scavenging what is left of a city ruined by corporate greed and dangerous scientific endeavors.  Scaling the flanks of Mord, a giant biotech bear that terrorizes the city, Rachel finds a strange creature she can't identify, is it a plant, an animal?  Naming it Borne, we follow their relationship, Borne gaining consciousness and Rachel struggling with the reality of what it is to influence another being's existence.  In this highly literary work, Vandermeer has created something truly captivating, both a dark look at a possible future and a question of what it is to be conscious." —Rachel

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Book coverThe Creep

by Michael Lapointe

"This book is aptly named.  The title references the "creep" of fictions into the journalism of writer Whitney Chase, putting her integrity in jeopardy when she finally does land the story of a lifetime.  But the title could just as easily be referencing the way this deeply unsettling and eminently plausible sci-fi thriller sinks into your subconscious and leaves you wondering whether you really want all the answers." —Caitlin

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Book coverHarrow the Ninth

by Tamsyn Muir

"The sequel to Gideon the Ninth, which is weird enough to begin with, Harrow is 100% absolutely off the charts.  I can't tell you all that much about this book without spoiling it (or Gideon), but I will say this: reading this book felt like actively losing my mind, and I loved every second of it." —Leo

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Book coverHouse of Leaves

by Mark Z. Danielewski

"We see our main character, Johnny, lose himself to an old manuscript that documents a families life in a house that continues to gain new passage ways into the dark.  As the house and Johnny change, so does the text, creating a very dark and surreal experience for the reader." —Justin

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Book coverThe Last House on Needless Street

by Catriona Ward

"This book was a RIDE from start to finish, and definitely not the fun, laughing, "put your hands in the air!" kind of ride.  Think white knuckle, holding on for dear life to keep from going off the rails kind.  It is deeply unsettling, and I remember having my expectations turned on their head at least twice within the first few minutes of reading.  I'm still not sure I actually enjoyed the experience, but it is definitely a fantastically written and constructed read!  If you like weird books, this had better be at the top of your list!" —Caitlin

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Book coverThe Pallbearers Club

by Paul Tremblay

"I do love what Paul Tremblay can do with horror.  It rarely feels like horror when you're reading it, until you take a step back and think--wait.  What?!  His forthcoming novel is no different, further blurring the lines between fact and fiction with its unique form—it's presented as the manuscript of a memoir by a writer the reader can call Art Barbara, though, as we're informed from the start, that's not his real name.  Interspersed with the lines of the manuscript are annotations by another character whose musings and comments may be just as unreliable as Barbara's.  Who, if anyone, can we trust?" —Caitlin

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Book coverRed X

by David Demchuk

"Demchuk doesn't use any cheap scare tactics, but goes for a deep, disturbing plot.  What really makes this book odd, while adding an extra layer of horror, is the authors added personal history in between chapters.  This book has tons of depth and is really fascinating." —Justin

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Book coverSeveral People Are Typing

by Calvin Kasulke

"Told entirely through Slack messages, this novel is...a ride.  It's billed as 'A work-from-home comedy where WFH meets WTF' and I have to agree.  Absurd, hilarious, and thoroughly, thoroughly confusing." —Leo

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