Kids' Books in Space!

Images of nebula

This week, Earthlings gained access to new glimpses into the far reaches of the galaxy, thanks to new images from the James Webb Space Telescope.  The pictures above, two of the images released this Tuesday, depict the Southern Ring nebula: a cloud of dust expelled by a dying star 2,500 light-years away.  Learn more about the James Webb Space Telescope and explore more images at the NASA website.

With all of the excitement around these new revelations and what they mean for our understanding of the universe, we thought we'd share a collection for the astronauts in training!

From galaxy-spanning adventures to information-packed guides to the solar system to sweet stories for the littlest ones, these kids books are the perfect way to introduce children to the wonders of space or foster a growing curiosity about the universe beyond this world.


Middle Grade
For Ages 10-12

A Rover's Story Black Hole Chasers Dog Star Hidden Figures for Young Readers In the Red The Interplanetary Expedition of Mars Patel The Lion of Mars Packing for Mars for Kids Science Comics: Solar System See You in the Cosmos We Dream of Space


Chapter Books & More
For Ages 6-9

Abby in Orbit: Blast Off! The Alien Adventures Finn Caspian Astrid the Astronaut: The Astronomically Grand Plan Astrid the Astronaut: The Unlucky Launch Astronaut Girl: Star Power #2 Earth: Ready-to-Read 1 Henry Heckelbeck is Out of This World Professor Astro Cat's Frontiers of Space The Mysteries of the Universe Out of This World: Star Studded Haiku Space: Planets, Moons, Stars, and More


Picture Books
For Ages 2-8

8 Little Planets Ada and the Galaxies Animals in the Sky The Black Hole Debacle Bok's Giant Leap Hello Star Nerdy Babies: Space Paper World: Space The Stardust that Made Us What Can You See? In Space What Miss Mitchell Saw You Are Stardust Your Place in the Universe