Meet Kendall

Kendall Wisniewski is one of our junior booksellers, but she's been here since she was in high school.  Originally one of our interns, she started out packing Brilliant Books Monthly selections and gradually made her way onto the bookstore floor.  When she's not recommending books or working on college coursework, you can find her making art!  Kendall is the artist behind lots of the hand-drawn design elements you'll see in here in-store and online, especially on our Instagram account.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I'm an avid reader, serial doodler, and Instagram-scroller with a habit of wearing too much denim and talking with my hands. In my free time you can find me drawing a lot of faces for a couple of blogs and small magazines or hanging out with my dogs.


What's on your dream bookshelf?

I'm not sure, but it's definitely in perfect rainbow order. I don't care that it's not practical, there's nothing more satisfying to look at.


What's the first thing you notice about a book?

Well, obviously the cover. Being an illustrator, I'm a bit picky and sometimes won't pick up a book if the cover isn't interesting. I know we're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I just can't help it!


What's one thing you wish more people knew about being a bookseller?

We genuinely care about your opinions on books. It's really helpful for us to know what you've thought about things so that we can give the best recommendations possible, and know more about stories we haven't had the chance to read ourselves.


Five books you will never stop recommending:

My top five change quite a bit, but I've been recommending Mosquitoland by David Arnold for years and I don't see that ending any time soon. It's just one of those books that has the perfect balance of humor, adventure, character growth, and plot development and I'm pretty sure I've never heard anyone say they didn't like it.


What's the most challenging thing about being a bookseller?

Working with kids and teens who are really avid readers is always a really fun challenge because I want to find them something that'll challenge and interest them while being appropriate AND something they haven't already read. Not only does it feel like a victory when I find something, but I always end up with a few new additions to my To-Read list after those conversations.