Meet Periwinkle

Meet Periwinkle (they/them), the newest addition to our bookselling team.  Learn all about them below—and stop by the store to say "hello"!


Tell us about yourself:

I am a life-long learner, nature-lover, miniaturist, and artist. I’m going to school to study Human Sexuality, which is probably one of my favorite things to talk about and learn about. I’m happiest when I’m cycling in the summer, zoned-out painting for hours, or dancing in my kitchen while I cook. My mottos in life are “Do no harm” and “Enjoy the play.” 


What are the five books you’ll never part with? 

This answer seems to change every year but, presently, I could never part with my childhood, beaten-up copies of The Complete Tales of Winne-the-Pooh and Where the Wild Things Are, The History of Sexuality Vol 1 by Michel Foucault, Emergent Strategy by Adrienne Maree Brown, and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. 


How many states (or countries) have you lived in? 

In the U.S I’ve only lived in Michigan and California but, after high school, I lived in Breisach, Germany for three months as a part of my gap year. I helped a family around their house while I spent my free time exploring the valleys, mountains, and forests around the area. The experience very much made me who I am today, and I desperately want to go back. 


A book that changed your life:

It’s a hard decision, but I would probably say Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut. Vonnegut is hands-down my favorite author, and Cat’s Cradle was my first book from him. I frequently go back to it for insight on life, and for entertainment. 


What’s your favorite thing about being a bookseller? 

I became a bookseller mostly because I love to connect with others on what they love to discover, learn and talk about. Even if I have no knowledge of a topic or book, (I.e Quantum Physics), I absolutely adore seeing people light up over things they are excited about, and I love helping them find information for it. 


If someone asked for a book recommendation, but you can only ask one question to see what they like, what would you ask? 

What is your favorite thing to learn about or do?