National Bird Day

3 parrots on a branch

Did you know it's National Bird Day?  If you enjoy bird watching or learning about birds — or if you're a proud bird owner yourself — then this is the day for you!

National Bird Day, celebrated annually on January 5th, recognizes all of our fine feathered friends, from ostriches (the largest bird, capable of running up to 60 mph!) to Bee Hummingbirds (the smallest of avian creatures, at only 2 inches long!).  This is a day for learning about birds, contributing to conservation efforts, and celebrating these wonderful (and incredibly diverse) creatures.

So today, jump on board and celebrate National Bird Day with Brilliant Books!  You'll soar to new heights with these egg-cellent bird guides, games, and books.

Happy reading (or playing) — and Happy National Bird Day!

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Guides & More

Nature lovers, rejoice!  Use these wonderful resources to learn about all kinds of birds: what they look like, where they live, and what's going on in their little feathery heads.


Peterson Field Guide to Birds Complete Birds of North America: Third Edition Birds of Michigan Field Guide The Kids' Guide to Birds of Michigan What It's Like to Be a Bird The Field Guide to Dumb Birds of North America


Excellent Avian Nonfiction

True stories featuring birds, from touching stories of human-wildlife connection to true crime!


When Women Were Birds Bird Brother H Is for Hawk Vesper Flights The Hummingbirds' Gift A World on the Wing Owls of the Eastern Ice The Falcon Thief The Feather Thief


Feathery Fiction

Through much of literature, birds have served as a source of inspiration and symbolism, to books such as these! 


The Thirty Names of Night The Goldfinch The Bird King The Raven: Tales and Poems The Boy With the Bird in His Chest The Strange Bird To Kill a Mockingbird  The Astonishing Color of After Six Crimson Cranes


For the Kids

Birdish books for the young ones!


Mr. Popper's Penguins Make Way for Duckling The Pigeon HAS to Go to School Gladys the Magic Chicken Pea, Bee, & Jay: Farm Feud Penguin Problems Night of the Living Shadows Bird Boy Owl Diaries 15: Eva's New Pet Crowbar   Mell Fell Owly: The Way Home


Puzzles & Notebooks

For the creative souls: assemble bird puzzles, sketch the robins in your trees, and craft your own bird-inspired stories!


Sibley World of Birds Puzzle Kaleido-Birds Family Puzzle Sibley Backyard Birding Jigsaw Puzzle Hummingbirds XL Decomposition Notebook Leafy Perch Decomposition Notebook Osprey Decomposition Notebook Sweet Pear Tree Decomposition Notebook


Keep an eye out for the awesome bird collecting game Wingspan — it's out of stock right now, but it'll be on our shelves again soon.


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