A Notice to Our Community

Updated Friday, September 11th, 2020

What a roller coaster ride this has been!  Here's the latest word on what we're doing to keep our bookish community safe and connected during these trying times.

Our store is once again open, but with some restrictions.  Masks, worn over the nose and mouth, are required for all customers.  If you are unable to wear a mask, our staff are happy to assist you outside the building, but we must insist in taking every precaution to keep our staff and customers shopping inside safe.  Our capacity is currently limited to 5-7 customers at any given time, so we ask that you enter by the front door when possible so we can keep track of how many customers are currently shopping.  All customers are asked to use hand sanitizer before browsing in the store.  We have plenty on hand (literally!).  If you prefer, our fantastic Downtown Association has made handwashing stations available, including one right outside our door, so washing your hands before entering is an acceptable alternative to sanitizer.

Our staff is unusually small right now, so our hours are limited.  We are open for browsing Tuesday through Friday 10-5, and are available by appointment only on Saturday from 12-4. 

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Please note that we are closed and unavailable on Sundays and closed to customers on Mondays as staff in store clean and restock to prepare for the week.


We are still offering curbside service as well as complimentary shipping.  Please be aware that the US Postal Service is currently facing drastic cutbacks in capacity.  This has resulted in sporadic and sometimes lengthy delays, as well as errors in their tracking system.  We are seeing these issues using shipping methods, including First Class package, Media Mail, and Priority Mail.  Our staff are doing their utmost to get items coming in from publishers reshipped the same day they arrive with us, so if you suspect your package has been delayed, please start by checking in with your local post office, as they may be better able to assist you.

We will continue to respond to customers via phone, email, and social media.  We are available 10-5pm Monday through Friday and 12-4pm on Saturday, and can be reached via phone at (231) 946-2665 and email at life@Brilliant-Books.net.  Our call and email volume is still much higher than usual, so please be patient if you do not hear an immediate response.  We are doing our best to address each issue as quickly as possible. 

You may also find answers on our Frequently Asked Questions page, which has details about shipping delays, current procedures, and more.

As always, we are incredibly grateful to still be here for you.

Your patronage is absolutely critical, and is the only reason that we are still able to serve you during these difficult times.  Though our team is spread thin and working hard to maintain appropriate precautions for themselves and our customers, we know that you value what we do.  We hope that you will continue to support our efforts to keep everyone safe and make sure that those in quarantine can still get the resources they need.

We can provide the books, games, educational materials, notebooks, and more that will make being cooped up at home a little more bearable during this stressful time.  Here's how you can help us keep going:



Brilliant Books Audio

Did you know you can order downloadable digital audiobooks from us?  No waiting for deliveries, no leaving the house.  Right now, our friends at Libro.fm even have a special offers running to help out partner bookstores. 

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Give a Gift Card

Whether you want to send something nice to a friend stuck in quarantine, or just want to send a little support our way, a gift card is the perfect way to do it. 

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Check out Brilliant Books Monthly

Now is the perfect time to start receiving a hand-picked book each month, tailored specifically to your personal tastes.  We've got our booksellers set up to access our system remotely so that we can still choose just the right book for you each month.  All the personalized service of a visit to the store without breaking quarantine

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Complimentary Shipping

There are more books on our website that we can fit on our shelves in-store, and just about all of them can be packed and shipped at a moment's notice.  Our shipping is complimentary: always has been, always will be.  Right now, we'll also provide complimentary Priority Shipping on all orders over $75.

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Brilliant Books Live: The Recommendation Extravaganza!

Our live Recommendation Extravaganza was schedueld for 3/20, but we've decided to keep the recommendations going for the foreseeable future.  It'll be just like coming in to have a chat with our booksellers, but minus any potential germs—or as we like to think of it, handselling without the hands.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and send us your trickiest recommendation questions.

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Curated Book Lists

Love the recommendations our booksellers give?  Send us a note and we'll put together a web page filled with recommendations tailored just for you.  This is usually a service we only offer our members, but right now, we want to make sure everyone can enjoy a few extra recommendations.

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