A Notice to Our Community

Updated Friday, March 27, 2020

Brilliant Books is designated as essential during the statewide lockdown, as we provide educational and entertainment resources to those in quarantine, but we have made some updates to our current procedures to ensure staff and customer safety:

  • As of 5pm on March 23rd, we are no longer offering curbside pickup
  • All orders will be shipped directly to your door, minimizing contact and risk of infection for all involved.
  • Our doors will continue to be locked. 
  • We will operate with a minimum number of staff on site, and they will remain in separate areas of the store.

We will still be available to answer calls and emails.  Please use our regular number—(231) 946-2665—rather than our pickup hotline for contact.

As we move forward, please keep in mind two points:

1.  Your patience is much appreciated.  Our team is spread thin and working hard to maintain appropriate precautions for themselves and our customers. 

2.  Your patronage is absolutely critical.

This is tough for us.  We thrive on handselling books in person.  But any in-person contact with our customers would be irresponsible right now, so we're going to do what we can to keep everyone safe and make sure that those in quarantine can still get the resources they need.

We can provide the books, games, educational materials, notebooks, and more that will make being cooped up at home a little more bearable during this stressful time.  Please help support our efforts in return.  Here's how you can help:



Brilliant Books Audio

Did you know you can order downloadable digital audiobooks from us?  No waiting for deliveries, no leaving the house.  Right now, our friends at Libro.fm even have a special offer running to help out partner bookstores.  When you start a membership with code SHOPBOOKSTORESNOW, you’ll get two audiobooks for the price of one ($14.99), and 100% of your payment comes to us here at Brilliant Books.

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Give a Gift Card

Whether you want to send something nice to a friend stuck in quarantine, or just want to send a little support our way, a gift card is the perfect way to do it. 

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Check out Brilliant Books Monthly

Now is the perfect time to start receiving a hand-picked book each month, tailored specifically to your personal tastes.  We've got our booksellers set up to access our system remotely so that we can still choose just the right book for you each month.  All the personalized service of a visit to the store without breaking quarantine

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Complimentary Shipping

There are more books on our website that we can fit on our shelves in-store, and just about all of them can be packed and shipped at a moment's notice.  Our shipping is complimentary: always has been, always will be.  Right now, we'll also provide complimentary Priority Shipping on all orders over $75.

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Brilliant Books Live: The Recommendation Extravaganza!

Our live Recommendation Extravaganza was schedueld for 3/20, but we've decided to keep the recommendations going for the foreseeable future.  It'll be just like coming in to have a chat with our booksellers, but minus any potential germs—or as we like to think of it, handselling without the hands.  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and send us your trickiest recommendation questions.

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Curated Book Lists

Love the recommendations our booksellers give?  Send us a note and we'll put together a web page filled with recommendations tailored just for you.  This is usually a service we only offer our members, but right now, we want to make sure everyone can enjoy a few extra recommendations.

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