Now Closed on Mondays

Black text on a blue background: "We're Reducing Our Hours"  Behind the text, a light blue circle and a clock intersect

If you stopped by the store on a Monday and found it closed, don't worry!  We'll still be open Tuesday through Saturdays, but for the near future, we will be regularly closed on Mondays.

Like most everyone these days, we're a little short on staff.  To make sure we aren't overburdening the booksellers we do have, we've decided to adjust our schedule.  As much as we enjoy meeting customers, we want our staff to have schedules that work for them—and right now, that means we can't be open on Mondays.  So if you happen to know someone who really wants to be a bookseller, now's the time to send them our way!  Learn more about the position on our jobs page

Relatedly, holiday shopping is going to be weird this year.

"Wait," we hear you ask.  "What does that have to do with being closed on Mondays?"  Well, it depends.  Maybe a lot.  If we aren't able to hire more booksellers in time to get everyone trained and ready for the holidays, we might have to continue with an unusual schedule.  We'll do our absolute best to be here when you're able to stop in (think later evenings and weekends, but closed in the mornings), but you should start planning ahead just in case the schedule stays a bit wonky.

And speaking of wonky...

Two people wearing blue, passing off a cardboard boxYou've been hearing about the supply chain issues, and yes, they've hit us too, from wrapping paper and carrier bags to the books they carry.  Please, for the love of reading, do not put off your holiday shopping this year—because if you order too late, we might not be able to fill your order. 

When a book sells out this year, the chance we'll be able to get you another copy by Christmas is slim to none.  We'll work as hard as we can to get your books to you—but it's completely beyond the scope of our control.  Some books, we're being warned, have already been slated for only a single printing before the year's end, even big titles like The Lyrics by Paul McCartney.  Preordering is going to be your very best friend.

And don't forget, the US Postal Service has just announced a slowdown in shipping services, even before the holiday rush kicks in!  So even if the items you want are in stock and can ship out immediately, the transit time is going to be longer.  Check out this CBS article to learn more about the shipping slowdown.

All in all, that's a lot of good reasons to get started with your Christmas shopping even though you haven't even picked out a Halloween costume yet. 

Need help picking out a gift?

Our booksellers are more than happy to offer suggestions—just check out our Curated List service, or stop in for a chat.  And of course, there's always the gift that keeps on giving: Brilliant Books Monthly.  Just remember to order ahead if you want the limited edition Holiday Welcome Box!

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