Oh, Gnome!

The trouble all started on Monday, when Rachel arrived to find the store in complete disarray.  At first we feared vandals, but the truth was far, far worse.

It was bookstore gnomes.

Bookstores worldwide will be familiar with these little beasties, which come out when the bookstore fairies—who tidy the shelves at night—go on vacation.  Our fairies, it seems, booked an extended vacation in Barbados and have taken their leave rather early this spring break.

Which leaves the gnomes.  And us.

On Tuesday, they struck again, pilfering all our nametags.  On Wednesday, we had to scramble to get the store ready because the windows had been papered over with a sign reading "Coming Soon!  The Tree of Dreams!"  Thursday morning, Andrew bravely built a fort from books to make a last stand against the dastardly gnomes.  We haven't seen him since, though we suspect he may have joined them as part of a cultural exchange.  On Friday, we tried a different approach: leaving out a selection of advance reader copies to appease them.  So far, so good...

Okay, so maybe it wasn't quite that exciting here this week.  In fact, it was still pretty slow, because that's what happens this time of year, and though we didn't see any bookstore gnomes (You never see them.  That's the trouble), we did see lots of people who stopped in just because they read last week's note and felt rather sorry for the forlorn fellow in the photo.  And honestly?  Getting to talk with readers is always the highlight of our week, no matter how busy we get.  So if we haven't gotten the chance to see or hear from you recently, stop on by, shoot us a tweet, or send us an email.  We've got Brilliant books to recommend.