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Give the Gift of Reading—Instantly!—With Brilliant Books Gift Certificates

Giving Brilliant Books Gift Certificates is simple.  Choose any amount, let us know what email address to send it to, and, if you like, add a personal message to the recipient. Your work is done!

Your gift can arrive in the recipient's email inbox as soon as your order is processed or you can schedule a day for delivery; we'll send you an email at the same time let you know your gift has arrived.

Gift Certificates can be used to buy brilliant books and bookish gear through our website 24 hours a day, as well as in-store and over the phone.

They will never expire and there are never any fees, just great books.

We don't charge for shipping!

Minimum: $1.00
Be sure to include your name so the recipient knows who the gift is from!
This is an optional field. Leave it empty to send the giftcode when the order is processed, Or provide a future delivery date in yyyy-mm-dd format.