Our Kids Section Is Expanding!

We told you we had big plans for 2022 — and one of our biggest projects is underway!

Check out the progress in our kids section.


For the entire decade that we've been in our Front Street store, we've had to sacrifice a corner of the kids' section for office space.  It's been a place to handle shipping and receiving—and more recently, an office for our Director of Digital Marketing Caitlin.  But now that we're moving our office space next door, we can finally kick down the wall and expand our kids' section!  Here's where the project stands. 

It started back in January:

Remember that curved wall in the back of the store?


Our spare office used to be right behind that wall.  Over the past month or so, we've slowly been moving out of the office... and now, we've moved the whole office out!


Look at all the space we added to the store!  In phase one, we had the beginnings of our back register station and a desk for our Manager and Children's Department Director, Rachel.  Things were still looking a bit rough with lumber stacked in the corners and caution tape everywhere.  Caitlin's temporary desk was still set up in the corner, but she'll be moving next door in just a few weeks, once the new office space is ready — more on that project later!


Next up, Phase Two!

The next steps are to start turning the new space into a fuctional one.  This week, we installed a new shelf to feature our classic children's books, as well as spaces for our register setup and Rachel's desk.  Soon, we'll be adding a special space for our youngest readers featuring board books and Indestructibles books as well as those classics.  At the same time, we'll start expanding and reorganizing our middle grade and chapter book sections and even some of our shelving units, making the section more accessible for all our patrons!

Here's a reminder of how things looked when we first got started...

And here's where we are now!

A view of the kids' section featuring a newly installed shelf for classics and a larger desk and register space in the back corner of the store A view of the back corner of the store highlighting the newly installed kids' classics shelf, featuring books like Corduroy, The Cat in the Hat, and Blueberries for Sal


While this is still a work in progress, the changes we've made so far are already making a world of difference.  The back of the store feels so much more open, and it's exciting to have so many new options.  Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to shape the new space!


What do you want to see in our new and improved kids' section?  Let us know below!