Picture Books for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is just around the corner!

It's the perfect time to pull out books about love, friendship, and of course, hugs.  These Rachel-endorsed reads are wonderful ways to celebrate all kinds of love with your little ones.


How to Send a Hug

How to Send a Hug by Hayley Rocco and John Rocco

A sweet, expertly illustrated story about hugs — and handwritten letters!  Perfect for reading before making cards for loved ones near and far.

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The Very Best Hug

The Very Best Hug by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Alison Brown

Told in delightful rhymes, The Very Best Hug is an adorable tour of all kinds of animal hugs, from bear hugs to penguin pecks and more.

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Can You Hug a Forest?

Can You Hug a Forest? by Frances Gilbert and Amy Hevron

This upcoming picture book is a whimsical celebration of love for the natural world, encouraging playfulness, wonder, and mindfulness.

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The Roar

The Roar by Eoin McLaughlin, Polly Dunbar

While hugs are wonderful ways to show love, it might not always be the right moment for a hug.  This is a book about feelings and the value of friendly support — even when we are far too angry for a hug.

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Swaddled With Love

Swaddled with Love by Alessandra Preziosi and Anoosha Syed

A sweet and tender new board book about getting wrapped up in love.  A joyful book filled with bright illustrations, perfect for a new older sibling.

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The Catalogue of Hugs

The Catalogue of Hugs by Joshua David Stein, Augustus Heeren Stein, Elizabeth Lilly

A humorous, charmingly-illustrated index of all kinds of styles of parent-child hugs, from the traditional to the acrobatically daring!

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     Yes! No!: A First Conversation About Consent

Yes! No! by Megan Madison, Jessica Ralli, and Isabel Roxas

In addition to sharing stories about love and friendship, it can be important to start conversations with children about consent.  This family-friendly book is a fun & easy ways to begin those conversations conversations around consent — helping your kids tools to understand that they might not always want a hug...and that's okay!

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