Pilot Custom 74


From Pilot: 

Pilot is thrilled to announce the newest color launch within the Custom 74 season inspired collection.  The first launch was the Spring inspired Forest Green. The second launch was the Summer inspired Grenadine.  The third and final launch in this series reflects Autumn/Winter in the color new Blue Stone, which is a beautiful, translucent slate blue hue. This sophisticated color evokes relaxation and happiness – the steely sky of a wintery day.

The Custom 74 is designed to delight the fountain pen collector with its translucent ‘demonstrator-style’ barrel and archetypal embellishments.  A special mechanism in the converter ensures a fluid and continuous flow of ink with no skipping for a premium, expressive writing experience.  The nib is finely crafted from 14-karat gold and is rhodium plated to match the rhodium trim and clip.

Rhodium is considered the rarest most valuable precious metal in the world – even more so than gold or platinum. Rhodium is both beautiful and durable which ensures the nib and accents will never corrode and remain pristine.

Product details:

  • Fine, Medium, or Broad 14kt gold, rhodium plated nib
  • CON-70 converter & blue ink cartridge included
  • Packaged in an elegant black gift box
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