A Prime Time to Support Your Community

Monday, October 12th, 2020

Tomorrow, October 13th, marks the kickoff of Amazon Prime Day, and we know lots of you are already planning your purchases.  Now that we are living in a new normal, there are some things you should consider.

Small businesses have been hit especially hard by the pandemic.  According to research from Facebook, we could lose more than 45% of our existing small businesses in the next few months.  Another report suggests that 60% of the small businesses that closed temporarily will never open again, and if they do, they might be so changed as to be unrecognizable as the businesses we know and love.

These aren't just facts and figures.  They're places where we took the family for ice cream, or met friends for drinks.  They're places like BLK \ MRKT, The Franklin, Michigan Artists Gallery, and Sugarkissed right here in Downtown Traverse City.  And they're the places we're going to miss when this is all over.

Eventually, we're going to be able to go out and meet with friends without grabbing an extra facemask and hand sanitizer.  We're going to be able to browse in shops without capacity and time limits.  But if we don't support small businesses now, there won't be anywhere to go once it's safe to resume our usual social activities.

We say this as a small business ourselves, of course, and we know from personal experience that the last few months have posed a greater challenge and caused more anxiety and uncertainty than we've ever faced before.  We also know that even if we are able to come through this, we can't survive in a vacuum.  We rely on our thriving downtown community and our beautiful storefront and our dedicated team of expert booksellers.  These come together to help us create the Brilliant Books experience, even for those who never visit us in-store.  We want to stay here.  Right now, though, that's much easier said than done.

We, and other small businesses like us, have worked incredibly hard to adapt to the changes these last months have thrown at us: offering curbside pickup and online shopping, adding delivery and shipping options, hosting virtual events and adding safety measures and training for staff.  Without your patronage, all that work is for nothing.  So before you fill up your cart for Prime Day and let a warehouse somewhere across the country fulfill your order, check and see if there's a small business you'd rather support instead.  Your community will thank you, now and into the future.


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