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Andrew Carnegie Medal, featuring a winged horse and the text "For Excellence in Nonfiction"

Andrew Carnegie Medals


Green logo

Arthur C. Clarke Awards


Audie Awards Logo, featuring a yellow microphone in a black triangle

Audie Awards


Purple text: An icon of a book cover with the text The Booker Prizes

Booker Prizes


Icon of a yellow, circular horn, encircling the text: The Boston Globe Horn Book Awards

Boston Globe Horn Book Awards


Caldecott medal, featuring a person riding a horse, surrounded by running children and flying geese.

Caldecott Medal


the words "the Center for Fiction" inside the outline of an open book

Center for Fiction First Novel Prize


The seashell-shaped Coretta Scott King medal, featuring with a black background and bronze lines.  The lines feature a face reading beneath a flying dove, out from which lines spread. Around the outside of the medal, a circular banner reads: Peace, Non-Violent Social Change, Brotherhood

Coretta Scott King Awards


A black logo: 2 crossed daggers above the text: CWA

Dagger Awards


the MWA logo: A line drawing of Edgar Allen Poe, wearing a red collar

Edgar Awards


A think black and grey rocket, above the text: HUGO AWARD

Hugo Awards


Lambda award logo: the icon of an opening book, made out of brightly colored geometrical shapes, making up the rainbow

Lambda Literary Awards


A gold medal with a black book in the center and the text: NATIONAL BOOK AWARD WINNER

National Book Award

National Book Critics Circle Awards: Blue square with a white circle and the text: National Book Critics Circle

National Book Critic Circle Awards


Nebula Awards logo: A purple circle with a yellow spiral galaxy in the center, and the text "NEBULA AWARDS" across the bottom.  Across the top, in a yellow banner around the purple circle, reads the text: Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America.

Nebula Awards


Bronze medal with the text "John Newbery Medal" printed across the top, and the following engraved on an open book: "For the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children"

Newbery Medal


Shiny medal with the a man in profile and the text: ALFR- NOBEL. NAT- MDCCCXXXIII. OB- MDCCCVCVI.

Nobel Prize for Literature


A shiny gold circle a chat icon and the text LITERARY AWARD WINNER: PEN AMERICA

PEN Literary Awards


A bright orange circle with a large black P in the center, with its curved arm spiky as if a sun's rays are shining out through it.  Around the outside is the text: American Library Association / Michael L. Printz Award for excellence in young adult literature.

Printz Award


Pulitzer Prize medal: a coin featuring a man in profile, with the text HONORIS CAUSA

Pulitzer Prize


Stonewall Book award: A silver circle with an inverted black triangle, a pink triangle, and an open book, with the text "Stonewall Book Award" and smaller text reading "American Library Association"

Stonewall Book Awards


Black and white sketch of man's face with the text "The Thurber Prize for American Humor"

Thurber Prize


Ursula K. Le Guin

Ursula K. Le Guin Prize for Fiction


A bright olive green square with the text: Women's Prize for Fiction

Women's Prize for Fiction


World Fantasy Awards prize: a gnarled tree holding a bright golden circle.

World Fantasy Awards