Cowboy Princess


Cowboy Princess

Cheryl Rogers-Barnett

Signed 1st Edition

In Cowboy Princess, the eldest daughter of the famous Hollywood couple tells the story of America's most famous cowboy and cowgirl like nobody else can. Growing up on the Republic Studios lot where her parents made their greatest movies, Cheryl remebers reherasals with the original Sons of the Pioneers, and explains how she viewed her own legendary parents. Although she was aware of their celebrity status, she saw them first as loving parents to a large and diverse family. Cheryl shared their joy when they received honors and fame, and wept with them through the tragic loss of three siblings. Thorugh it all, they remained in private what all of their fans believed them to be-honest, straightforward, loving people who lived lives of generosity, adventure, and humor. Cowboy Princess overflows with hilarious and touching stories of Dale and Roy's relationship with each other and their children and behind-the-scenes stories of their movies, television appearances, and music. It includes dozens of rare photographs-family snapshots, studio portraits, behind-the-scenes stills-most of which have never been published. For fans of the King of the Cowboys and the Queen of the West, this book is an up-close and personal introduction to their lives, their family, and the many colorful characters who rode beside them on those happy trails.

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