Beautiful You - Signed First Edition

Beautiful You by Chuck Palaniuk Signed First Edition

"A billion husbands are about to be replaced."

From the author of Fight Club, the classic portrait of the
damaged contemporary male psyche, now comes this novel about the
apocalyptic marketing possibilities of a new product that gives new
meaning to the term "self-help." 

Penny Harrigan is a low-level associate in a big Manhattan law firm
with an apartment in Queens and no love life at all. So it comes as a
great shock when she finds herself invited to dinner by one C. Linus
Maxwell, a software mega-billionaire and lover of the most gorgeous and
accomplished women on earth. After dining at Manhattan's most exclusive
restaurant, he whisks Penny off to a hotel suite in Paris, where he
proceeds, notebook in hand, to bring her to previously undreamed-of
heights of gratification for days on end. What's not to like? This:
Penny discovers that she is a test subject for the final development of a
line of feminine products to be marketed in a nationwide chain of
boutiques called Beautiful You. So potent and effective are these
devices that women by the millions line up outside the stores on opening
day and then lock themselves in their room with them and stop coming
out. Except for batteries. Maxwell's plan for battery-powered world
domination must be stopped. But how?


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