Game of Thrones: The Card Game

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"'In the game of thrones, you win or you die.' Famous last words for many characters in George R. R. Martin's sweeping fantasy saga, A Song of Ice and Fire. Now you too can take your chances in the struggle for control over Westeros. Fantasy Flight Games has produced an amazingly beautiful and elegant card game in their version of A Game of Thrones the 2nd Edition Card Game. With over 200 cards and tokens, you are ready to take up arms against your friends the minute you open the box. This new box set covers the events as they happen in the first book of the series and is complete enough that you never have to buy another product. For those who like to collect or want further depth to their game play experience, expansions to the game are available. With gorgeous artwork and clever rules, this game provides the immersive feel of the books and television show in one convenient package!"
- Jodie

Enter the world of Westeros with A Game of Thrones: The Card Game Second Edition! In this second edition of our longest-running Living Card Game (LCG), you command iconic characters from A Song of Ice and Fire in treacherous battles for the Iron Throne. Every turn, you hatch a new plot, then attack your foes in three types of deadly challenges. Whether you play a head-to-head joust or a multiplayer melee, your struggles span the field of battle, cunning intrigues, and political machinations. Call your banners and battle for the Iron Throne!

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