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101 Down, 149 to Go!


March is Reading Month.  Originally designated to celebrate Dr. Seuss (who was born March 2nd, 1904), Reading Month has grown into a celebration of reading everywhere — and a time to focus on spreading literacy and love of reading.

How do you celebrate reading month?  Read a book, join a book club, visit the library — or join us in making reading more accessible to all kinds of people.


Our goal this month:

Donate 250 books to non-profits and classrooms through book drives.

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With Brilliant book drives:

You donate books of your choice from a classroom or non-profit's wish list.
We cover 20% of the cost — and handle shipping and delivery.



Book Drives for Local Nonprofits:

Norte works to build communities that are happy, healthy, and walk-able.
Remain in Touch connect children with incarcerated parents through literature.

Norte Remain in Touch


Book Drives for Classroom Libraries:

Mrs. Ziegler's classroom at Woodland School Mrs. Mendoza's classroom



Books have the power to shape lives, open doors, and make us feel seen.  But not everyone has the same access to literature.  If you know of a school, retirement home, youth program, or other organization that could benefit from a book drive, reach out!  We'd love to hear from you.

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Thanks for helping us change the world—one book at a time!