Resources For Authors

The relationship between authors and indie bookstores is something pretty special.  Nowhere else do authors have the chance to work so closely with the people who help put your books in readers' hands.  Here at Brilliant Books, we pride ourselves on being able to bridge the gap between writers and readers in a number of ways, from hosting author events to managing preorder fulfillment and special offers for particular titles.

The first step in partnering with us to promote your book is to submit it for assessment.  Not every book is the right fit for our curated collection or for our audience, and there are other technical details that we like to sort out ahead of planning promotions.

How to Become a Brilliant Books Author

Once your book is approved, there are a whole host of opportunities for promoting it.  Contact us at to let us know what kinds of events or promotions you're interested in.  Please note that these are not paid advertising opportunities, but rather a chance to partner with us to help your book reach your readers.  Please read our Author Tips Sheet for information on how to make the most of this partnership.

Preorder Promotions

For established authors, offering signed copies or other special incentives for readers to preorder your upcoming book can be very successful.  Preorders promotions through Brilliant Books typically include a dedicated web page and social media and email promotion, with the possibility of an author event as well.

Readings & Book Launch Events

We host a limited number of readings and launch events each year.  These typically take place in the evenings and provide a dedicated time and space for authors to interact with their readers.  These events are promoted to our extensive email audience as well as through in-store promotions, social media, and local media outlets.  Please note that our schedule fills up quickly for these events; we prefer to book at least three months in advance.

Advertise with Us

Our emails reach nearly 20,000 people every week, which provides plenty of opportunity to put your book in front of bookish people nationwide.  With modest pricing and plenty of tailored audiences, you can reach the exact people who will be most interested in your work!  Learn more

Signings/Meet & Greets

For a more casual setting, we offer drop-in signings and meet & greet events.  These take place during regular business hours, and are a great way to meet new readers who may not yet be familiar with your work.  The degree of promotion for these events will depend on when it's booked; the more lead time we have, the more ways we can promote you!

Affiliate Program

As an author, getting your books to readers is crucial.  We have the capacity to handle that kind of fulfillment, and so we also offer a commission to authors who direct customers to us for those sales.  Learn more about our affiliate program.