For Schools and Libraries

Here at Brilliant Books, we take great pride in our ability to act as a resource for northern Michigan schools and libraries.  We strive to improve access to books, and love to get high-interest books into kids' hands by helping to grow school and library collections.  Interested in working with us?  Here's how we can help!

Book Fairs (Both In-School & Online)

We have the ability to set up and staff an onsite book fair, complete with all the latest and greatest titles your students want to read now.  Unlike a Scholastic book fair, we bring titles from every major publisher and keep the focus on books and closely related items, like bookish pencil cases and book lights.  Each sale earns your school or library Brilliant Books credit (25% of total sales), which you can redeem for the books you want to add to your collection.  

Our online book fairs allow you to earn credit for books year-round.  You’ll receive an affiliate link, which you can post on your school website or social media.  When visitors to your site click the link, they’re taken to our website, where they can shop as they usually would, except that your school receives 25% of their purchase total as a Brilliant Books credit.


Library Assessments

We can help you make the most of your funding by working with your library/media center staff to create prioritized wishlists for your collections.  Our booksellers are excellent at finding books for readers of all age ranges and all reading abilities, and can help identify and fill gaps in your collections.  This service is free of charge to all our school and library customers.


School and Library Discounts

We're happy to discount any books purchased by staff for school or library use, and we can even set teachers up with a special profile in our system so that these purchases are automatically discounted and tax free.  We do prefer to have those profiles set up in advance, especially for large orders.  All we need to know the school’s tax ID number, so we can make those purchases appropriately tax free, and which staff members may be making purchases, whether for their classroom libraries, special events, or main libary collections.



Book Drives

If you don't need to host a full-fledged book fair, but still need to round out your collections, we offer book drives for schools, libraries, and other non-profit organizations.  All it requires is creating a wish list of the books you want, including how many copies you're hoping to receive, and we'll fund 20% of every book purchased for your drive.  We'll collect all the donated books in-store, and then ship them direct to your location.  Check out this example for an elementary classroom library!


Ready to Get Started?

If any of these services are of interest, please reach out!  The best way to contact us regarding these topics is by email.  Send us a note at, and our events coordinator will be in touch!