As Seen in the New York Times

When The New York Times reporter Amy Haimerl visited Brilliant Books in the summer of 2016 she knew we were doing something quite different.  We were an authentic, intelligent small town bookstore, yet we billed ourselves as the Nation's Long Distance Local Bookstore; we offered no charge shipping across the USA; and we had our own nationwide, and individually tailored, book-of-the-month style program.

What she discovered is highlighted in a piece featured in yesterday's (Oct 6th) Entrepreneurship section of the New York Times

We sell considerably more books on-line than you'd ever expect from an indie bookstore.  We reach thousands of readers every month through our Brilliant Books Monthly program, making a personalized selection for each individual subscriber.  We use technology to give humans the freedom to make a considered selection and provide individualized service to every customer while completely automating all aspects of the fulfillment process.

In short we are proving it is possible to be both an authentic, literate, independent bookstore, and a genuine presence in the on-line bookselling world. We're incredibly proud of everything our team here has achieved.

"A decade ago, independent bookstores were viewed as an industry on the decline. ... But owners like Mr. Makin are finding ways to gain customer loyalty with the aid of technology. ... Online buyers flock to Brilliant Books if they experience the same customer service that shoppers in his physical store do."

New York Times writer Amy Haimerl is also the author of Detroit Hustle



The contents of both boxes are identical; only the outer box is different

The contents of both boxes are identical; only the outer box is different