Shelf Preservation Update


As of the end of the day on May 31st, our #ShelfPreservation campaign has earned $112,369!

We can't begin to tell you how much this means to us.  A week ago, we honestly didn't think that we'd make it and were trying to work out how we would balance opening the store, hiring new staff, and generally getting things back to normal.  

Clearly, we needn't have worried!  You all stepped up in such a big, incredible way that we were absolutely inundated with orders over the weekend.  We're now going to be catching up for the next couple days!

While the campaign is over, this doesn't mean we say goodbye!  In fact, it's just the beginning.  We've come a long way together, Brilliant Books fans!  We've seen new customers from almost every state, and we'd love to continue being your bookstore!  As restrictions ease, remember that just as you were there for us, we're still here for you, ready and waiting with all the books and bookish goodies you need, including...


Gift Certificates:  Selling books online takes much longer than selling them in-store, so even if we've got piles of orders waiting, we can only get through so many in a day.  One of the best things you can do to help us (and lots of other small businesses) is by buying gift cards to redeem in person after it's safe to reopen.

  • Brilliant Books Monthly Subscriptions Like gift certificates, Brilliant Books Monthly subscriptions are easy to process remotely, and are set up to allow us to spread out the costs over time.

  • Memberships Not only are these a quick and easy way to show your appreciation for everything we do, they're also a ticket to discounted pricing, early access to signed editions, special members-only events, and more!

  • Preorders Got your eye on a book that's not out until August?  Preorder it now, and we'll have it on its way to your doorstep as soon as it's available.  Or, hopefully, available to pick up in store, depending on when it's released.

  • Audiobooks:  We can't say enough good things about our partners at  Every audiobook you purchase through them supports us, and, unlike print books right now, you never have to worry about them being backordered or delayed in shipping.


We're still offering some fun incentives, like $10 back for every $100 you spend on gift certificates, and a 20% donation to the Northern Michigan school of your choice when you buy books for students or teachers.  But in the end, we hope that the biggest incentive is the thought of the day when all this is over and you can once again come browse the shelves and talk to the booksellers of Brilliant Books.  We hope to be there waiting for you.