Tangled Red and Blue - The Accidentals

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The Accidentals
Tangled Red and Blue
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The Accidentals

Multi-instrumentalists, Katie Larson and Savannah Buist are creating quite a name for themselves among music lovers of all genre’s.  Described as, “A duo giving an edge to folk with unique instrumentation”, Z93 FM DJ, Matt Mansfield writes: “Combine musicality, originality and melodic beauty with a welcome and unexpected bite to clever lyrics and youv’e got Accidentals music. Songwriters, look no farther to find a new pairing to be jealous of, especially with such a bright future ahead of them.”

They met in 2011 at their public high school.  Katie (15) was a freshman cello player, “playing up” in the Philharmonic Orchestra and Savannah (16) was Concert Master, violinist. They volunteered for a class assignment that threw them together for their first rehearsal and The Accidentals were born.  
Growing up in musical families with professional pianists for fathers and vocalist for mothers, their influences bounced between classical, jazz, bluegrass, country, alt-rock, and the obscure. 
 In 2012 these two ladies auditioned for and snaged a covetted spot in the first ever singer-songwriter major at the renowned Interlochen Center for the Arts High School -around the time they released their first self-produced album, Tangled Red and Blue.  In early reviews of Tangled Red and Blue,  Kristi Kates, The Express, was the first to say what everyone was thinking,  “It’s difficult to believe that music this accomplished is being crafted by two talents who are still in high school - but that’s The Accidentals’ story.”

Track List: 
1. Rainy Day
2. Thinking Game
3. The Band-Aid Song
4. Why We Write
5. God Fearing, Sea Faring Man
6. Eye to Eye
7. Oh No
8. Tangled Red and Blue
9. Enlightened Sexism
10. Jargon
11. Clearly Confused
12. Denial of Death
13. Time to Heal