Thank You, James Patterson!

James Patterson Holiday Bookstore Bonus Program

For the past few years, bestselling author James Patterson has recognized the hard work and dedication of thousands of booksellers at independent bookstores across the country with his Holiday Bonus program.  Nominated by customers, publishers, authors, and coworkers for their love and knowledge of books, these bookseller receive gifts of appreciation!

In previous years, a total ranging from $250,000 to $350,000 has been distributed to deserving booksellers, including several right here at Brilliant Books.   This year, James Patterson will be giving away a total of $300,000, which will be distributed in segments of $500 to booksellers around the country.

No one becomes a  bookseller imagining that it will make them wealthy.  It's a labor of love to coordinate author events, plan activities and displays, curate collections, host book club meetings and story hours, and all the other myriad tasks that happen behind the scenes, all while these dedicated booksellers are serving as the go-to person for anyone looking to find just the right book.  They're the unsung heroes of the bookstore world, so we're thrilled to see so many getting the acknowledgment they deserve.

Thank you, James Patterson, for helping to show independent booksellers just how much their work is appreciated!

Nominations are open to the public until November 15th, 2023.

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