Time for a Field Trip!

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

We had a full house this morning!  Students from Woodland School stopped by as a part of a field trip to Downtown Traverse City.  The group of about 40 students, ranging in grade level from kindergarten to second grade, had a chance to walk the downtown district and visit some of the local businesses and organizations.  Between their trips to the fire station and the park, they stopped here at Brilliant Books to enjoy our comfy couches and a story or two with Toni, our children's specialist.


It was a lot of fun getting to see young readers so enthusiastic about books and stories.  They were quick to catch on to the antics of the Martian in Jon Agee's picture book Life on Mars, and at the end of their visit, they got to pick out a pair of costume reading glasses to take home with them, just like Douglas the Dog in Ged Adamson's book Douglas, You Need Glasses!


We always enjoy young readers stopping by, but today was a special treat.  Thank you all for visiting, Woodland School students!

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