This Week Only: Brilliant Books Trial Memberships!

The week leading up to Independent Bookstore Day is usually filled with lots of excitement and fun events.  This year, however, COVID cases are up, the weather is grim, and we're open by appointment only, which has put a serious damper on both our spirits and our income.

All in all, it's not nearly as festive as we'd like.

To try and make this week a bit more fun and to celebrate the true spirit of independent bookstores, we've come up with something we think everyone can enjoy:

A free trial run of Brilliant Books Memberships


If you book an appointment with us from Tuesday, April 20th through Saturday, April 24th, when you come to shop, you will receive membership benefits on all the items you purchase that are currently in-store. Already a member?  You'll get an extra 15% shopping spree on all in-store items!


If you shop with us online from Tuesday, April 20th through Saturday, April 24th, we will automatically apply membership benefits on all the items you purchase that are currently in-store, whether you're picking them up curbside or shipping them.  Already a member?  You'll automatically get an extra 15% shopping spree on all in-store items!

What are the benefits?

Brilliant Books Members receive lots of benefits!  Here's what your trial membership includes:

10% or more off everything you buy, every day
Including books, magazines, cards, gifts, toys...

20% off ALL current Staff Favorite list selections
The current favorites of our Brilliant Booksellers, this eclectic list features books to suit a wide variety of readers.

20% off ALL current IndieNext list selections
Expert selections from top indie booksellers from across the country (including us!).

20% on ALL  hardcover bestsellers
Applies to all of this week's hardcover fiction and non-fiction IndieBound bestsellers.


If you have already purchased a membership (or if you purchase one this week!), your regular 10% discount will be increased to 15% without having to use your annual shopping spree!

How do I get my trial membership?


It's easy!  All you have to do is book and attend an in-store appointment for this week, from Tuesday, April 20th to Saturday, April 24th.  Your discounts will automatically be applied at checkout.







Shop with us online from Tuesday, April 20th to Saturday, April 24th.  Trial membership discounts will automatically be applied to all eligible items.



How do I know if an item is in-store if I'm shopping online?

Remember, trial memberships are only valid for items that are currently in-store.  Here's how to tell what's on our shelves if you're shopping with us from afar.




Any book that is currently on our shelves will be listed as "On Our Shelves Now," and will include the number of copies of the book available.





If the book (or other item) is not currently on hand, but is not out of print or backordered, it will be listed as "Ships Today - Not Currently In-Store," which means that this item is on hand in our warehouse and can be purchased, but is not in-store or eligible for trial membership benefits.



Can I shop in-store and online?  What about multiple online orders?

Yes and yes!  As long as you book an appointment or place your online orders before midnight on Saturday, April 24th, your discounts will be applied.


How long does the trial membership last?

The benefits of your trial membership are only valid through Saturday, April 24th.  Of course, you can opt to become a fully fledged member and maintain all your trial benefits (and more!) year round.



Yes, sorry, there are just a couple things excluded from this fun trial membership.  Any special-ordered items (i.e. items that are not currently in-store) are exempt from trial memberships, as are Independent Bookstore Day Exclusives (check out the full list of these items here).  If you have purchased a membership, don't worry.  Your membership benefits apply to all usual items.  No membership discounts (trial or otherwise) are available for purchasing additional memberships, Brilliant Books Monthly subscriptions, or text books.