A Week of Technological Troubles

Well, 2023 is off to a great start.  On Saturday, January 7th, exactly one week into the new year, our server had catastrophic drive failure.  While we worked to repair the dysfunctional server, we had to close our store for four days.

It was a nerve-wracking process.  Without any idea of how much longer it would take to get up and running, we barreled onward.  By Thursday, January 12th, we had created a functional workaround and corrected our inventory — and we were able to open with a mostly functional system.  And by Friday the 13th (ironic, right?), everything was running smoothly.

John at the register Rachel scanning books "Your patience is appreciated" sign

While we are excited (and relieved) beyond words to be open again, we'll be honest: this has been a really difficult week.  Being closed these several days has cost us something like $12,000 in revenue.  Despite that loss, however, we are determined to pay our staff their normal wages.  They put their hearts and souls into this work and they shouldn't have to suffer just because a critical piece of equipment failed without warning.  We may get some of our losses back from our insurance company — but there's no guarantee.

For now, we've got a lot of catching up to do.



How to Help

• Our system is up and running as usual, so the best way to help is to stop by, either in-store or online, and buy a few books (or puzzles or t-shirts or gift cards...you get the picture).

• If you are waiting on an order, please be patient.  Thankfully, our backup systems worked perfectly and we still have all our records of outstanding orders awaiting shipment or pickup.  We've got staff working as quickly as possible to get caught up on notifying patrons of pickup orders and getting shipments on their way promptly.

• Tell your friends!  Now is a great time of year to introduce your bookish friends and family to our website, social media, and email newsletters.  Even if snow or distance keeps them from visiting in person, we'll have lots of great articles and recommendations to share.


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