We're Still Closed

This week, we got news of yet another change.  The Grand Traverse region was declared safe for some businesses to reopen, with precautions and restrictions, beginning today, May 22nd.  While we're glad that our neighbors who require foot traffic can once again welcome customers, we will not yet be opening our doors.

There are lots of reasons why this choice makes sense for us.  First of all, we knew we couldn't be ready to open only a few days after the announcement.  We would have had to develop safety policies, rearrange our store, train our staff, bring in additional cleaning supplies and protective equipment, and, of course, keep our day-to-day operations running for all the customers who already have orders in the works.  With only seven of us working on daily operations, it simply won't be possible for us to open for some time yet. 

But even when it's possible, it may not yet be desirable.  We've found a way to operate that works for us, and for our customers.  Our staff is already stretched thin, and opening our doors would even further tax our limited resources.  We don't want to move too quickly and be unable to meet the needs of the customers we have now in an effort to simply open the doors to the few who would be permitted in at any one time.

Make no mistake—we do plan to reopen and once again be a place where you can linger over a book, chat with our booksellers, and browse to your heart's content.  But until it's safe for that kind of experience, we feel that a visit to the bookstore would only be a pale fascimile of what it should be.  So for now, we're going to stay the course, focusing on online orders, shipments, and curbside pickups.  We are going to continue and possibly expand our curbside offerings and make plans for how the interior of the store will change to accommodate social distancing, extra sanitizing, and our new, post-pandemic reality generally.

We'll continue to keep you posted as the plan takes shape.  For now, you can reach us as always, here on our website, or via email or voicemail.  We'll look forward to welcoming you all back when the time is right.